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Why Should I Join Budgettraveller?

While you can search for information and vote on Facilities without a Budgettraveller account, you’ll need one to share experiences, post photos, get recommendations, create a wish-list of facilities you’d like to visit, and enjoy so much more. Everybody who joins makes Budgettraveller a little better, so we’d love to have you.


How Do I Join Budgettraveller?

To become a member, it’s best to first select your preferred, Destination area, from the Choose a City section on the home page. Then click Register +. On the Create a Budgettraveller Account page you’ll be asked to enter your e-mail address and a password.

You can also enter a name that will appear next to your user reviews. The name can be your actual name, or something more anonymous like NanyukiNo1fan. These can be added later, and changed at any time.

Then simply click Create My Account, check your e-mail to confirm, and get started!


How Can I Delete My Account?

Contact us by clicking Feedback at the bottom of any page, and request that your account be closed. This will remove all of your reviews, photos and other content.


How Can I Recover My Password?

If you’re unsure of your password, you can try to recover it on this page:


How Do I Change My E-Mail Address?

To request a new e-mail address for your account, please contact us by clicking Feedback at the bottom of any page. Be sure to include both the registered and new e-mail addresses.


Budgettraveller Facility Listings


Why Can’t I Find a Facility Using the Budgettraveller Search?

If a facility is listed on Budgettraveller database one should be able to search and locate it, however if you are not able to find a facility feel free to Contact Us with the name of the facility its type and its location.  We will follow it up


What Qualifies As Budgettraveller Facility?

Budgettraveller defines a Facility as a location accessible to the general public and offer the traveler an opportunity to experience it at the most affordable or “budget friendly” cost.


No! Definitely Not There — How Do I Add a Facility Listing?

If Budgettraveller is missing a facility, we’d love for you to add it to our database. First, please note that Budgettraveller only includes facilities that are open to the public.

To add a listing, first be sure you’re viewing the city that the facility is located in. Click Add Facility, located at the bottom of each page. On the Add a Facility to Budgettraveller page, please enter as much information as you can about the Facility. When you are finished, click Add Facility.


Where Is the Facility Listing I Added?

Budgettraveller reviews all new listings before they are added. It is not an automated process, so it may take a little time. Once the listing is added, there may be an additional delay for our search engine to reflect the addition.


What If I Don’t Know the Address or Phone Number When Adding a Listing?

In order to confirm a new listing, we need the facility’s name, address and phone number. If you do not know the exact address, the nearest intersection/road is also acceptable. For the other information we ask that you inquire at the facility or check other online sources or contact the facility directly.


What If I Don’t See the City in the Dropdown Menu When Adding a Listing?

Select Other at the bottom of the list, then type in the city.


How Do I Show that a Facility Is Part of a Chain?

If a facility is one of a group in your area belonging to the same chain, inform us by clicking Feedback at the bottom of that restaurant’s listing. Please identify other restaurants belonging to the same chain if they have not already been linked together.


How Do I Add or Fix Information in a Facility Listing?

If a listing has incorrect information, such as a wrong address or web link, or you would like to add missing information such as their address, click on Feedback and give your feedback. Budgettraveller will review your suggestions. 
If you wish to inform us of incorrect information not covered on our corrections form, click Contact Us at the bottom of that restaurant’s listing and send us your suggestions.


Why Haven’t the Corrections I Suggested Been Used?

Budgettraveller reviews all suggestions and corrections before they are implemented. It is not an automated process, so it may take a little time. We greatly appreciate your contributions.


How Do I Report an Incorrect and Misleading Map?

Please bring incorrect maps to our attention by clicking Contact Us at the bottom of that facility’s listing. Sometimes a Location can be difficult for us to determine a mapped location using an address. Kindly also list the name of facility and the physical contact details as closely as you can.


How Do I Report a Closed Facility?

Click on Contact Us to reach our corrections form. There is a topic choice: Closed Facility. Give us any details you know regarding its closure. Budgettraveller will review your suggestions and mark the Facility as closed if valid. You can also leave a comment/review for the facility, stating that it is closed.


How Do I Combine Duplicate Facility Listings?

If you see two listings for the same facility, please click Feedback at the bottom of one of the listings and let us know. Budgettraveller will combine the listings.


What is BT Verified and why do some facilities have the BT VERIFIED and other don’t?

The BT verified logo appears on the facilities page whose owners/managers have claimed the facility and their information has been verified.

Having the BT Verified Logo helps Owners/Managers to manage own facilities without seeking Budgettraveller’s approval. It also gives owner/managers a direct opportunity to monitor feedback on their facility and respond to customers enquiries directly.

The facilities that do not have the BT Verified logo does not mean that there content has not been verified it only means that the owners are yet to claim ownership of the facility on BT


Budgettraveller User Content


How Do I Delete or Edit My Reviews?

Click My Account, at the top of every Budgettraveller page. In your profile, click the Reviews tab to see all your reviews. Next to each review is a blue Edit Review link; click it to go to the Edit Your Review page. On this page you can edit your review or remove it entirely.


How Do I Change My Vote for a Facility?

After you vote “I Like It” or “I Don’t,” the listing will display your vote. To change or remove your vote, click Clear Your Vote, located in small print under your vote. If you do not see your vote, make sure you are logged in.


How Do I Report an Inappropriate Photo?

If you find a photo you believe is unsuitable, please click on Contact Us at the bottom of the listing and let us know. Budgettraveller will review the photo.


How Do I Complain About an Unfair, Inappropriate, or Offensive Review?

Budgettraveller is an open forum, and individual tastes differ. If you strongly disagree with a review, the best thing to do is write your own. Remember that Budgettraveller does not allow personal attacks, though it is acceptable to directly respond to other users’ opinions and comments. This means more “I disagree with “NanyukiNo1fan” and thought the Restaurant service was great.” and less “NanyukiNo1fan” is a A FOOL!”

If you would like to report a comment you believe should be removed because of personal attacks, vulgar language or offensive content, please bring it to our attention by clicking Feedback at the bottom of the restaurant listing’s page.


Why Was My Review Removed?

Budgettraveller prohibits certain things from reviews, including profanity, personal attacks, and legal issues. (Please note that allegations of health code violations also fall under the category of legal issues; we will review further if accompanied by a specific link to an official source, such as a health department or newspaper website.) It’s possible that your review was in violation of one of those things. Negative reviews are perfectly fine, however – so we encourage you to re-post your review, possibly in more general terms.

We also do not allow duplicate reviews, (for example: leaving your "I hate Henry's!" review for 100 Henry's locations), and require that reviews be based on your personal experience.


Owners and Managers


How Can I Add My Facility to Budgettraveller?

If your facility is not listed on Budgettraveller, we’d love for you to add it to our database. First, please note that Budgettraveller only includes facilities that are open to the public.

To add a listing, first be sure you’re viewing the city that the Facility is located in. Click Add Facility, located at the bottom of each page. On the Add a Facility to Budgettraveller page, please enter as much information as you can about your facility. When you are finished, click Add Facility.

Budgettraveller reviews all new listings before they are added to the site. It is not an automated process, so it may take a little time. Once a new listing is added, there may be an additional delay for our search engine to reflect the addition.


I Own or Manage a Facility. Do I Have Any Special Privileges?

Budgettraveller gives owners and managers the opportunity to claim their facility listing. Claiming your listing lets you add and edit information without waiting for approval, post direct and official responses to user reviews, and see voting trends for your facility. It also add a BT Verified logo on facility listing page letting customers know that they are dealing with a verified Facility or owner.

To claim your facility, click Claim this Facility on the facility page. Follow the instructions to be confirmed as the facility’s owner/manager.


How Do I add or Fix Information in My Facility’s Listing?

The best way to add or fix information is to first claim your facility listing. After your claim is confirmed, you'll be able to make additions/corrections from your Owner Dashboard; these corrections will be reviewed by Budgettraveller for approval.
If you do not wish to claim your listing at this time, you can still submit changes and corrections to your listing. 
If you wish to inform us of incorrect information not covered on our corrections form, click the Feedback link at the bottom of the listing to send us your suggestions.


How Can I Advertise on Budgettraveller?

Our advertising structure is simple and inexpensive. There are premium listings and Banner advertisement, to enjoy the premium listing first claim your Facility listing. Kindly contact our advertising team by clicking on Advertising link at the bottom of the page.


What Are Premium Listings and Enhanced Ads, and How Much Do They Cost?

The Premium Listing will highlight your facility across all relevant directory pages (special features, neighborhood, type of accommodation etc.), which will make far more people browsing Budgettraveller see your listing, many of whom will navigate to see your full facility page.

Enhanced listings will also allow customers to make and pay for reservations online.

An Enhanced Listing gives you a chance to make a good first impression when visitors find your facility. Visitors will see your message and picture at the top of the web page. For further details on advertisement or any campaign ideas kindly contact us through the Advertising link at the bottom of this page.


How Can Customers Make Reservations for My Facility on Budgettraveller?

All our facilities come with a reservation form, where customers can make a request reservation online without making any payments and the facility owner will follow up with the customer(s) based on the reservation request.

We also have online payment facility available premium membership facility that allows customers to do real-time reservations and make payments. Facility owner will follow up with customer to confirm reservation.


How Can I Advertise for Multiple Locations on Budgettraveller?

Budgettraveller offers group pricing (buy four get one free) when you purchase advertising for multiple listings.


How Can I Change the Text or Photo in My Ad?

Just send us a note (using email or the feedback link at the bottom of any Budgettraveller page) with the change you’d like to make, and after we confirm it’s you, we’ll put it into the system.


How Are Facility Rankings Determined?

We can't share the specific formula we use for determining our rankings, although it’s based on users’ votes. We regularly tweak our algorithm to make sure people can’t game the system to artificially inflate their rankings. We can say that there's no way to buy ranking, and advertising isn't taken into account in the calculation.


How Can I Remove My Facility from Budgettraveller?

Budgettraveller aims to provide comprehensive listings to help our users find an ideal facility for accommodation, eating, car hire or place to visit. We pull together a range of opinions from local critics, travelers, bloggers, and users. We're sort of like a specialized Google focusing on budget Travel facilities, so our users would be disappointed if we didn't include a facility they wanted to try. We don't charge facilities to be listed, and we don't remove facilities from the listings.


How Do I Complain to Budgettraveller About an Unfair, Inappropriate, or Offensive Review?

Budgettraveller attempts to remove all reviews that violate our guidelines (such as obscenity); if a review doesn’t violate our guidelines, we leave it in place. Budgettraveller welcomes all opinions and will not remove a review at anyone’s request unless it violates our policies.

If you would like to report a comment you believe should be removed, please bring it to our attention by clicking Feedback at the bottom of the facility’s listing’s page.


How Can I Respond to Reviews?

Budgettraveller removes reviews that violate our standards and guidelines (such as those that contain profanity), but we do not remove reviews strictly for being negative or even rude. If you would like us to evaluate any reviews for violations, click the Feedback link on your listing to submit a request. 

If a review is not eligible for removal, you may leave a public response. Responding to reviews is a tricky business, however, and we recommend considering other options, such as a private message or no response at all. While it can be frustrating to read negative reviews, we advise against getting down in the mud. A potential visitor might dismiss an angry reviewer as unreasonable, or having an axe to grind. On the other hand, it can be a huge turnoff to read the owner's angry response or an extended, insulting back-and-forth. Remember that an unpleasant or insulting owner response can be more damaging than the original complaint. 
If you do respond, the best course of action is to first claim your listing. (See “How can I improve or correct my Budgettraveller listing?”) When you do so, you will be able to see and respond to comments from the User Reviews area of your Owner Dashboard. Your response will appear directly below the original review, clearly identified as coming from an Owner/Manager, and should be written with that in mind; avoid general or promotional statements, as well as responses to multiple comments. 

If you do not wish to claim your listing at this time, you may still respond to reviews, although the response may not appear near the original review, and it will not be clearly identified as coming from the facility. In such cases, we require that you clearly disclose your position with the facility. 

Owner/Manager responses are subject to the same guidelines as user reviews: no profanity or personal attacks. Users are limited to one account. Be calm, clear and concise. Try to stick to the facts and avoid insults or unfounded allegations (even if you strongly suspect that the reviewer must be a disgruntled ex-employee or a jealous competitor). Remember that your audience isn't only the person who wrote the negative review, but potential visitors who are being introduced to you and your facility.


What's the Best Way for My Customers to Show Their Support?

"Vote for us on Budgettraveller" messages on Facebook and through e-mail are growing more popular, but the results tell customers little about your facility other than people like it.
The best way for your customers to show support is to write a review, post photos of your location, list their favorite experiences, and vote with a registered account. This will help other visitors learn more about your facility and is a really strong show of support.

Please be aware that Budgettraveller does not allow facilities to "buy" votes and reviews, for example, with a "Leave a review for us on Budgettraveller and get 25% off dinner!" post on Facebook, or by approaching customers and offering them discounts for positive reviews. If you have any questions about what might constitute a violation, feel free to contact us through our Feedback link, located at the bottom of your Budgettraveller listing.


Am I Allowed to Post or Send Promotional Messages?

We strongly discourage promotional posts and messages ("Check out our 20% discount holiday offer!"), whether posted publicly or sent privately; we have advertising programs available for such messages. We do not allow facilities to post "comment card" type messages they may have received from their customers. We may allow brief messages regarding news such as a change of ownership or other such major events. Please contact us if you have any questions about what constitutes a promotional post/message.


Budgettraveller's Power User FAQ


For Chains, Should the Website/Menu/Twitter for the Chain Be Used, or for the Individual Location?

Listings should be as specific as possible to that location. If there are specific links for a location, please use them. Otherwise, franchise-wide information is fine.


A Facility Changed Names, But Is Essentially the Same Place. Should the Original Listing Be Closed and a New One Created, or Should the Name Be Changed?

This is a judgment call. If it’s only a name change, with the same owners, decor, etc., then changing the name is sufficient, with perhaps a temporary “formerly XXXX” note. If it’s anything more substantial , especially new owners and management, then the original should be listed as closed and a new, fresh listing should be created.


A Facility Moved to a New Location. Do I Mark It As Closed and Create a New Entry or Just Ask for an Address Change?

As this is the same facility, just a new location, please provide us with the new address/phone so we can implement an address change.


What Should I Do When a Facility Has a Residential Address or PO Box Listed?

Let us know using feedback so we can try to track down the correct information. If you can tell us the correct information, that’s even better.


How Should I List Facility that Are Temporarily Closed or Opening Soon?

In the case of temporarily closed restaurants, such as seasonal locations or places closed for remodeling, the listing should be marked as closed, with a note after the restaurant’s name explaining the closure. For example: Henry’s Ice Cream Parlor (Closed for Renovation). The listing can be reopened when the facility reopens.

New listings for facility that have not yet opened should have an “Opening Soon” note in the name, and should be shown as closed until no more than a week before their opening date.


Should Food Courts Be Listed As One Entity or As Individual Locations?

Food court dining places should be shown as separate listings, as long as each listing is separately named and requires its own payment.


Should I Indicate if a Facility Is Located Inside a Casino, Mall, Etc.?

Yes, please note when a Facility is inside such a complex, especially if it’s easier to find using that name/location as opposed to the address.


What Is Budgettraveller’s Policy Regarding Facilities like Strip or Fetish Clubs?

If they are accessible, they can be listed, but the listing should make it very clear where they are located and their policy.


What Is Budgettraveller’s Policy on Members Only and Limited-Access facilities?

Budgettraveller’s policy is to list facilities that are accessible to the general public on a normal basis. This would exclude many country clubs, office building lunchrooms and fraternal organizations. The rule of thumb should be: can John and Jane Doe get a meal there without any special rules or fees?


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